Schedler Honors College Scholarship for Entering High School Applicants

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Incoming Honors College freshmen will be awarded the Honors College Scholarship upon admission.* When added to the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship for in-state students, this award constitutes a full-ride scholarship renewable for a total of 8 semesters. The scholarship amount will be budgeted based on the direct cost of attendance each year, rising whenever those costs rise. The Honors College Scholarship brings the total award (UCA scholarship plus Arkansas Challenge) to the amount necessary to cover the direct cost of UCA attendance including 15 hours of tuition per semester, mandatory fees, room and board, and a single room upgrade scholarship that pays the extra cost of a private room (for residents of Honors housing). Additional scholarships that the student earns may stack to the amount specified by state law. For students receiving the Governor’s Distinguished Scholarship, $2,500/semester of their award will be applied to the Honors scholarship package while the remaining funds may be available in excess aid, up to the stacking limit.

For incoming out-of-state freshmen, the scholarship package covers 15 hours of tuition, mandatory fees, room, and a single room upgrade that pays the extra cost of the Honors private room. This package excludes the student’s meal plan each semester.

A student’s specific annual award will vary depending on the student’s in-state residency and eligibility for the Arkansas Challenge Scholarship. Please see the “scholarship” tab within the application for specific details regarding your eligibility. This tab will be updated appropriately as you provide accurate information within the application about your status.

Scholarships: Frequently Asked Questions

Each academic year, you must achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.250 or better to have your scholarship renewed for the following year. May intersession, 8-week Summer Session, and Summer I classes can be used to raise your annual GPA to this minimum. Scholarship renewal requirements are based on UCA credit hours.

In order to have your scholarship continued from the first fall semester to the following spring semester, you must earn 12 credit hours or above with a 2.50 cumulative GPA. For any following semester, you must earn a 3.25 cumulative GPA and be in good academic standing.

Additionally, in order to matriculate into the Honors Interdisciplinary Studies minor and therefore maintain the Honors scholarship, you must achieve a cumulative residential UCA GPA of 3.250 and a 3.50 in your Honors courses at the conclusion of your fourth semester of full-time undergraduate study (for most students, the end of the spring semester of their sophomore year). As with your annual GPA, May Intersession and Summer I classes can be used to meet this standard.

Please note: These criteria apply to the Honors College Scholarship only. Other parts of your total scholarship package, such as the Arkansas Challenge and Governor’s Distinguished Scholarships, have different criteria for renewal, and may be retained or lost without reference to your Honors standing and/or UCA scholarship awards.

You will be required to enroll in 15 hours each semester, including the fall and spring of your freshman year, but your scholarship will be renewed if you complete at least 27 credit hours in the freshman year and 30 credit hours each subsequent academic year (Fall semester through Summer I). May intersession, 8-week Summer Session, and Summer I classes can be used to raise your annual earned hours to this minimum. Scholarship renewal requirements are based on UCA credit hours.

In order to have your scholarship continued from the first fall semester to the following spring semester, you must earn 12 credit hours or more with a 2.50 cumulative GPA. To renew from any other fall semester to spring semester, you must earn at least 12 credit hours and a 3.250 cumulative GPA.

If you are a recipient of the Honors College Scholarship, and you leave the Honors College but continue at UCA, you will lose your Honors College Scholarship and will no longer be eligible to live in Honors housing. If you have maintained eligibility for an academic scholarship as defined by the Division of Finance and Administration, you will be awarded the UCA Academic Scholarship (based on your ACT score and high school GPA) you were offered and formerly accepted at the time of your admission to UCA. If your Honors College Scholarship has been withdrawn because of failure to meet minimum eligibility requirements, you are not eligible to receive any UCA Academic scholarships upon leaving the Honors College.
No. Only fall and spring semesters are covered by your scholarship. Summer terms and intersessions are not covered.
For in-state students, the board allowance in the Honors College Scholarship changes with the rates of meal plans annually, and the amount is set based on the cost of all-access cafeteria dining plan. Students living in a residence hall have their choice of meal plans (with varying amounts of cafeteria meals and declining balances) and can choose a more expensive meal plan if they prefer. Students residing in honors apartments or other campus-owned housing eligible for apartment meal plans will be funded at the lowest rate apartment meal plan. Students not living in campus-owned housing will receive the lowest rate apartment meal plan. See the campus dining website for more information. If board costs increase for any subsequent year, the value of the board scholarship will rise accordingly.
Any scholarship designated to cover “tuition and fees” (including the Honors College Scholarship) pays all fees designated as “mandatory general fees” that are assessed to all full-time students at UCA up to 15 hours. This includes such fees as the athletic fee, the student health fee, and the arts fee. Any fee assessed to only some full-time students at UCA (such as lab fees associated with classes, differential tuition for some colleges, and the Honors Participation Fee) is not covered by your tuition-and-fees scholarship, and will be charged directly to your student account. See the Board of Trustees list of approved mandatory general fees for more information.
Your Honors College standing is your eligibility to enroll in Honors College classes. While it is usually lost in tandem with the Honors College Scholarship, it may be regained without achieving scholarship reinstatement, and it may be maintained by students who have been accepted into the minor even though the criteria for scholarship renewal are not met.

Students lose their Honors standing if their end-of-first-year combined GPA is below 3.250. Second-year students must earn an end-of-second-year cumulative GPA of 3.25 with a 3.50 in their Honors courses, but must additionally attain a second-year 3.25 combined GPA for that academic year to maintain their scholarship. They may regain Honors standing if they achieve that minimum GPA at the end of the following regular semester (fall). In the case that a student loses his or her scholarship, but decides to appeal for a medical reason or some other purpose, then the decision regarding eligibility to continue in Honors classes is decided separately from the reinstatement of the scholarship.

Students who have been accepted into the minor cannot lose their Honors standing due to academic performance, although they may forfeit Honors standing voluntarily or on account of academic misconduct.

Yes. State law prohibits the stacking of scholarships once the total aid awarded to a student exceeds the Cost of Attendance (COA) calculated by the school. The office of financial aid is required to reduce your financial assistance in order to comply with state stacking regulations. You can view the Arkansas legislative information regarding this policy here.
Yes. The Honors College will work with you to place your scholarship on hold for a semester or even a year for study abroad and internship opportunities as well as other obligations recognized by UCA’s scholarship compliance office. Students who have an academic scholarship placed on hold for the fall semester and receive the scholarship in the spring semester only must complete a minimum of 15 UCA undergraduate credit hours and earn the minimum GPA specified for their scholarship to renew to the following fall semester. Students who do not meet renewal requirements at the end of the spring semester may use May Intersession, 8- week Summer Session, and Summer I hours and GPA to meet renewal requirements.
Track II students do not receive a full-ride package. Funding for Track II students is dependent on private funding and is awarded on an as-needed, and as-available basis. After the selection process for Track II students, the Assistant Dean will meet with each incoming Track II student to discuss financial need and awards will be made to students who have the greatest financial need.

*In order to receive the Honors full-package scholarship, a student must not require remediation and must be a permanent U.S. resident due to policies governing academic scholarships. Please note that all scholarship offers are contingent upon the review of the scholarship compliance office. University scholarship policies are available here.