How To Apply

*Please note that the application link and deadline have changed since the filming of this video

  • Background and Recommendation. The application asks for background information that should take no more than 15 minutes to provide, as well as the name and e-mail contact of two recommenders. For your academic recommendation, be sure to select a teacher or counselor that is familiar with your academic record and who will be able to intelligently evaluate you on all of the following characteristics: intellectual ability, motivation, maturity, oral and written communication skills, analytic ability, and creativity.  For your service and leadership recommendation, be sure to select a teacher or counselor that is familiar with your experience with service and leadership and will be able to evaluate you on the following characteristics: leadership, initiative, originality, integrity, empathy, openness, and collaboration.  We will contact your recommenders with information about how to complete a recommendation form on our website. Both recommendations are required.
  • Two Essays. You will be asked to provide two essays. In the first you will address an issue of public service in 400-600 words. It is very important that you conduct research about the Schedler Honors College at UCA before writing this essay. We want to see evidence that you have some understanding of our curriculum and our orientation to public concern. In the second writing sample we ask you to read an essay by Peter Elbow and respond to it in 600-800 words based on a prompt we provide. For both essays, write them offline. Take your time. Research, write a draft, get reviews, revise it, and carry out that process more than once. When you have the best draft you can produce, paste it to the webform. These writing samples carry a great deal of weight in our admission process.
  • Complete Application to UCA. For high school applicants, you should complete an application for admission with UCA no later than January 15. For transfer students, you should complete an application for admission to UCA no later than March 15. You will be required to provide your UCA student ID in order to complete your Honors application.  UCA Admissions will issue your ID once you have been admitted.  We will use this information to verify ACT, GPA, and Class Rank for high school applicants and college GPA for transfer students.  Current UCA students will also be asked to provide their Student ID.

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