As an Honors alum, you join a network of more than 1,700 alums all over the country and the world.  Honors alumni are invited to “rejoin the conversation” and are encouraged to stay connected through the Schedler Honors Alumni Facebook group.  Honors alumni have an additional opportunity to stay involved through the Honors College Chapter of the UCA Alumni Association.

The aims of the Honors College Chapter are to promote the welfare of alumni of the Honors College and to perpetuate and broaden the ties between the Honors College and its constituency. It seeks to do this by providing support for the activities of the Honors College and by providing opportunities for alumni to maintain contact with one another and form community. Honors College alumni have diverse experiences and perspectives critical to the life of the larger Honors community. Alumni are encouraged to engage in mentoring and teaching current students, raise funds for scholarships, serve as thesis advisors and readers, and are on occasion invited back to campus to share their experiences with current students.

Honors alumni are welcome at all Honors College public events such as Challenge Week and Issues in the Public Square. Reunion events are typically hosted twice annually, one on campus at UCA, and then a second event in a different regional destination each fall. Honors Alumni Book Clubs are also available and you can learn more by contacting us at