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Academic Advisor Attends Honors Summer Advising Institute 

Academically talented students are frequently perceived as not needing assistance or special attention, but in fact, high-achieving students often have needs that require special consideration. High achieving students encounter challenges similar to their peers, but also a unique set of challenges including managing their time and stress. Advisors who work with high achievers need both a thorough knowledge of the opportunities open to these students and the sensitivity to support them through realization of these opportunities. As such, it is recommended by the National Collegiate Honors Council that honors students should receive honors-related academic advising from qualified faculty and/or staff. 

This summer, Assistant Director of the Advising Center and Honors Advisor, Jenny Ruud joined 30 honors advisors from around the U.S. for an intensive workshop focused on meeting the needs of high-achieving students. The workshop discussed key theoretical foundations of advising and how to adapt and implement those frameworks to meet the needs of honors students. Participants were introduced to developmental advising approaches that foster relationships with students and help them focus on reaching their educational goals while providing the support and challenge these students need to succeed. 

Jenny described the institute as a “productive and enriching experience” and is excited to share what she’s learned with other academic advisors as well as prepare for a new year advising honors students.