Method of Delivery

Courses in the Graduate GIS Programs are delivered online. Access to the Internet is required. Each course will be a Blackboard-based course where, after students have been admitted to UCA’s graduate school, they then enroll in the entry-level course (GEOG 5310). Progress through the remainder of the program depends on how quickly the student wishes to complete the course work. Textbooks for each course may be purchased through the UCA Bookstore,, or some other online source. Communication with the faculty member who facilitates the course may be by telephone, letter, fax, e-mail, or campus appointment.

Typical Course Structure

“The course is a combination of exercises, lab assignments, discussion questions, and a final take home exam. Every week (Sunday night or Monday), I upload my PowerPoint lecture notes to Blackboard. Questions for Discussion, are posted every Friday, and are due Thursday of the next week. All students participate in the discussion by giving answers and reading each other’s answers. Students are expected to do the required labs and exercises I give them each week. I provide feedback and solve student’s queries via discussion boards and e-mail. Students also have group communication via the discussion board and a lab discussion board. Students keep in touch with me via Blackboard, the discussion board, e-mail, and, when necessary, by phone. More detailed information is given on my syllabus.”