Where Are They Now?

UCA Geography students go on to do some pretty interesting things. This story map provides a glimpse of our alumni’s stories.

If you are a former student of the UCA Geography program, please add your story to our map! Show the UCA Geography family what you’ve been up to.

Instructions for participating:
  1. Click on the +Participate button within the interface.
  2. All entries require a Photo, Title, Location, and Description; these fields are default and cannot be changed or omitted. For the alumni map, please use the following guidelines:
    1. Photo: Use an appropriate photo, suitable for a public-facing website.
    2. Title: enter your name, graduation year, and if desired, degree.
    3. Location: Select a location on the map representing either your current work or some activity or travel you would like to showcase.
    4. Description: Provide a brief summary of what you’re up to, whether it’s about your career, a recent trip, or something else.

Entries on the map will need to be verified before they appear. Please be patient for your information to appear as new entries may not be checked every day. This Crowdsource-style Story Map from Esri is still in beta mode. If you do run into any issues with the interface, please let us know by emailing Dr. O’Connell at soconnell@uca.edu.