Dr. Lori Leavell

Graduate Coordinator and Associate Professor of English


Irby 401

(501) 450-5100

Lori Leavell (Ph.D., Emory University) began her academic journey in the sciences, but it took only one English class (freshman composition with Doug Sonheim) to convince her to change directions. What she loved about that class are the things that continue to animate her study of literature: language that astonishes, stories that captivate, and ideas that bewilder. More than anything, Lori loves to be surprised by a work of literature or by the path a text cuts in the world. Drawn to the material histories of literary works and the workings of print culture, she likes to think about how texts get produced, where they go, and who encounters them. These are the kinds of questions that have propelled her scholarship in nineteenth-century African American literature, some of which can be found in CallalooBook History, and Critical Insights: Frederick Douglass. Lori regularly teaches ENGL 1320: Writing about Food and Community, Introduction to Fiction, the surveys in American Literature as well as upper-level English classes that are part of the African/African American Studies curriculum. As the coordinator of the master’s program in English, she’s the person to talk to if you’re thinking about graduate study!


Ph.D., Emory University
M.A., University of Arkansas



Areas of Specialization

Nineteenth-Century American Literature
African American Literature
Southern Literature
History of the Book and Print Culture

Graduate Programs

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Spring 2021 Class Schedule

Research Methods  ENGL 6393 MON. ONLY  Irby 304
Writing and Research ENGL 1320 MWF 12:00 Irby 312

African and African American Lit. ENGL 4380/5380 TTH 9:25 Irby 313