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Economics is at the core of modern industry, connecting the production and distribution of products to the welfare of the company or persons involved. In order for businesses to succeed, there needs to be someone with the ability to problem solve, make decisions, and guide systems.

As an Economics student, you will discover the best way to use limited resources to meet the needs and desires of individuals, nations, corporations, and nonprofits. These valuable skills are ingrained in the Economics curriculum and are a desired trait when employers are seeking to hire new employees. UCA provides three degrees in economics: BS, BBA with a concentration in international trade, and BA with a focus in international trade. Economics degrees are also popular choices among students planning to pursue graduate studies in economics, business, history, law or many other fields.

Economics jobs are varied and found in every area business. Many economists find work that is concentrated around government, universities, self-employed consultants, banking, financial markets, labor relations, and international trade. It is important that economists understand the society that they are part of as they help to bridge the business systems and people. Economists are great assets in analyzing societal issues such as healthcare, unemployment, energy, the environment, inflation, social security, and the tax system.

UCA Economics graduates have numerous employment and graduate school options. You really can “Go Here! Go Anywhere!”

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