Why Study Economics at UCA?

Some of the most famous people in the world majored in economics. Famous economics students include such diverse individuals as Mick Jagger, Sam Walton, President Reagan, and President George Bush. Economics gives a student the opportunity to study many important social problems such as health care, the environment, energy, social security, and the tax system. In addition to being applied to the problems of society, economics is applied in many business fields. These include labor relations, banking and financial markets, and international trade.

Who majors in economics? At UCA some of the best and brightest students in the entire University major in economics. UCA economics students regularly win state and national awards in competition held by Phi Beta Lambda. Our students are excellent; our curriculum is first rate. If you are bright, hard working, and interested in the world around you, this may be just the major for you. The process of rational decision making taught in economics is of great value no matter what career a person chooses. Economics teaches us how to use resources efficiently to achieve our desired goals whether these goals are for an individual, a corporation, a nonprofit organization, a nation, or all humankind.


Economists work for government, business, universities, and in the private sector as self-employed consultants. They use and develop statistics and forecasts and often take a policy-oriented approach. UCA economics graduates have had positions as stockbrokers and bank forecasters and may have the opportunity to work as an intern during course work. Some current and past employers of UCA economics graduates include:

  • United Overseas Bank Group (investment officer)
  • Arkansas Urology Associates (managing director)
  • Cleveland Federal Reserve
  • St. Louis Federal Reserve (staff economist)
  • Heifer Project International
  • Citibank Panama Southwestern Energy Corp. (attorney)
  • U.S. Marine Corp
  • First State Bank
  • United Way
  • Alltel
  • Arkansas Department of Human Services (project analyst)
  • and others

 The Faculty

The faculty holds advanced degrees from several widely respected universities and have valuable real world experience. They are excellent teachers and work well with individual students as well as teams.

 What is Economics?

Economics is the social science that tries to find the best way to use limited resources to meet unlimited wants. Economic applications are unlimited and produce insights regarding illegal drugs, sports, unemployment, inflation, and others. Economics ranks Number One among 14 majors with more than 2000 students taking the Law School Aptitude Test!!

While not every economics major is planning on law school, all will benefit from the critical thinking skills that economics develops. Also, in the past, economics has ranked number one among business disciplines for median incomes.

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