Frequently Asked Questions

What are transitional classes?
Transitional classes are also known as developmental or remedial courses. They focus on helping students improve their reading, writing, or math skills.

Are transitional classes for credit? 
Transitional classes do not carry what we call “college-level” credits, which means that they do not count toward the credits you need to earn to complete a degree. However, they are each three-credit hours, which means you will pay tuition and fees for each one you take and you will attend the class about three hours a week. Because UCA doesn’t award credit toward your degree for transitional classes, the grades you make in them are not counted toward your cumulative GPA.

Why do I have to take transitional classes?
UCA policy requires that students who do not earn certain standardized test scores on reading, writing, and math sections of the test must demonstrate they are college through our transitional courses. [Insert link to placement policy]

What are corequisite classes?
Corequisite classes are two courses that are paired with each other and co-required, meaning you must take both of them rather than one or the other. For example, if you need to enroll in Foundations of College Algebra, you must also take the paired College Algebra course during the same semester. [Insert link to webpage with list of courses]

Do I have the same professor for both classes?
In our math courses, you will have the same professor for both corequisite courses. However, in our literacy corequisite courses, you will have two professors.

How long do I have to complete my transitional courses?
You must successfully complete your transitional requirements within the first 30 hours of attempted college-level credit courses. If you do not complete your transitional requirements, you will be placed on transitional suspension.

How will I know if I have completed my transitional requirements?
[insert flow chart]

What can I do to make sure I succeed in my corequisite courses?
We recommend that you attend all class sessions in both courses and complete the assigned work are the first steps in succeeding. You may also consider visiting with your professor or attending tutoring sessions to ensure you are making progress in your courses.

What if I still have questions about my transitional requirements?
Come see the chair in Main Hall 010 or call 501-450-3220.
We would be happy to help you.