Academic Success and Personal Development Courses

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One Credit Hour Courses

ACAD 1101 –  Educational and Career Exploration for the Undecided   During this course, students will involve themselves in self-exploration and discovery, with the goal of identifying values, skills, strengths, and interests for the purpose of establishing and implementing an academic and career plan. The experiences in this course will be useful to students as they move toward more solid decisions in selecting academic majors, minors, and internships, and making career connections in the community.

ACAD 1103 – Academic Strategies for College Success   Academic Strategies for College Success is designed to provide students with opportunities to learn strategies for academic success. The course will focus on four core areas: reading college-level texts, taking effective notes, developing effective study strategies, and taking tests.

ACAD 1170 – Between the Lines:  Strategies for Intelligent Reading is designed to offer a book club experience in which students have the opportunity to read for pleasure while practicing strategies of engagement and comprehension.  The course will focus on the enjoyment of reading as well as the benefits of reading while helping students develop reading skills which will help them become more prolific and critical consumers of the written word.

ACAD 1180 – Introduction to Community Engagement surveys theories and models of community engagement, exploring concepts that include citizenship, social justice, civil discourse, advocacy and activism, and community partnership development.  Students will also work collaboratively to identify and actively engage in an issue relevant to their campus, local, state, national, or global communities.

ACAD 3101 – Career and Life Planning   The purpose of this course is to expose students to the tools, information, and resources that will help them develop career and life planning skills. Students will learn about values clarification, career decision-making processes, financial management, and life transition strategies.

Three Credit Hour Courses

ACAD 1300 – Journeys to Success: Exploring Strategies for Academic and Personal Development    This course is designed to explore the fundamentals of college success through academic topics such as setting short-term and long-term goals, developing non-cognitive skills for success, learning to learn, decreasing the negative effects of stress, and creating an academic and financial plan for completing college.  This course is open to all first-year students, and required for all conditionally-admitted students or conditional-prep status students during their first enrollment period.