Internship is an elective course in all four of our programs (CSCI 3v75 in BS in Computer Science, BS in Computer Engineering, and BS in Cybersecurity; and CSCI 5v75 in MS in Computer Science). In the context of an internship, the term advisor refers either to your departmental academic advisor, if you are an undergraduate student, or, to the departmental graduate coordinator, if you are a graduate student. The term supervisor, on the other hand, refers to the person who supervises your work at your employer’s site.

  1. As a student, finding an internship employer is your responsibility. We post internship opportunities on our bulletin boards as well as on our Facebook page. UCA Career Services Center also provides various resources.
  2. You must complete the Internship Approval Form, signed by you and your supervisor, and submit it to your advisor at least one week before the beginning of the term in which you will enroll in an internship class.
  3. The work must be supervised and technical in nature. Routine jobs that do not require a background in Computer Science (e.g., help desk specialist, data entry specialist, and technical support specialist) are not considered as technical.
  4. Once you obtain approval from your advisor, the department administrative assistant will open a CSCI 3v75 section, if you are an undergraduate student, or, a CSCI 5v75 section, if you are a graduate student. You may receive 1, 2, or 3 credits for a minimum of 100, 150, or 200 hours of work, respectively. The length of the internship period must be a minimum of 10 weeks for a Fall/Spring internship; for Summer, the minimum duration is 5 weeks. For a BS degree, a maximum of 3 credit hours of internship will count towards the program requirements; for an MS degree, the upper limit is 6 credit hours.
  5. CSCI 3v75/5v75 is not a traditional course; there are no lectures, assignments, or exams. The grading mode is CR/NC, where CR (credit) corresponds to a satisfactory internship (as evidenced by the quality of your report and your supervisor’s evaluation), whereas NC (no credit) corresponds to an unsatisfactory internship.
  6. You must submit an internship report to your advisor by the last day of classes. This document must be a minimum of 5 pages long (single-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, maximum 1’’ margins) and include the following: brief description of the company, description of the project and your role in it, a discussion of problems encountered, solutions offered, and lessons learned, and a description of the skills and experience gained during the internship.
  7. Your supervisor must complete the Supervisor Evaluation Form and submit it to your advisor by the last day of classes.
  8. Late submission of an internship report or supervisor evaluation form will result in a grade of X (incomplete). If such an X grade is not removed within a year, it will be changed automatically to an NC.