Welcome New CDI Advisory Board Members!

Our team at the Community Development Institute (CDI) is pleased to announce the appointment of five new advisory board members, as well as two reappointments to the board.

The five new members include: Shaneil Ealy, associate vice president of UCA Outreach & Community Engagement; Stacey Neal, director of Community Competitiveness at Louisiana Economic Development; Shelley Mehl, executive director at the Faulkner County Community Foundation; Patty Methvin, president of the Arkansas Community Development Society; and Matt Twyford, Professional Community and Economic Developer (PCED), senior manager of community development at the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. The two reappointed board members are Sasha Grist, PCED, executive director of the Western Arkansas Planning and Development District and Samantha Evans, PCED, community development advisor, Workforce Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Our full 2019 CDI Advisory Board can be found at www.uca.edu/cdi/advisory-board/

Individuals are invited to join the CDI Advisory Board based on their experience and knowledge and desire to work with the board for the purpose of advancing community and economic development practices in Arkansas and surrounding states. Advisory Board members work in conjunction with the staff at the UCA Center for Community and Economic Development to provide marketing assistance, coordinate activities and identify speakers for CDI.

Amy Whitehead, assistant vice president of community and workforce development at UCA Outreach, said, “Since the institute’s inception, the CDI Advisory Board has played a critical role in the program’s success. The knowledge and expertise of our board members are of the highest caliber. We are excited to work with all of our new and existing board members over the coming year.”

We look forward to working with all of our CDI Advisory Board members to develop a fantastic program for CDI 2019!