The Center can work directly with communities to provide a variety of customized services. Services include, but may not be limited to, the following:

Business Retention and Expansion Program

The Center’s newest service for small to mid-sized communities is a customized BR&E Toolkit. Though still in the development stages, this service will be available to all communities in the coming months.  To learn more click here.


Benchmarking Tour

Interested in learning how to grow your community through the experiences of others? A Benchmarking Tour may be right for you! Learn best practices from a community that experienced what you’re currently going through. Attending a Benchmarking Tour will allow you to talk to community leaders that have “walked a mile in your shoes” and will give you innovative ideas to bring back to your community. Contact us to learn about scheduling a Tour or learn more here.


Community Assessment

Want to better understand your community’s current situation? The Center will provide an overview of your community’s key demographic and economic data and assist those involved with identifying key assets and opportunities. Want to know more? Click here.


Community Survey Development

Interested in surveying your business community or general public? The Center will work with key community leaders to develop survey questions for the business community and/or general population. This service includes working with a small steering committee to develop survey questions, identify a plan for delivering the survey, technical assistance during survey administration, and processing and analysis of survey results.  For more information, click here.


Economic and Demographic Data Analysis

Who has time to digest hundreds of pages of economic and demographic data about their community, much less attempt to understand it? Our team can compile this data for your community and break it down into terms you can understand. We can present an Economic and Demographic Data Analysis presentation to leaders in your community to demystify the “big data” of your city. Contact us to learn about an Economic and Demographic Data Analysis of your community.


First Impressions Driving Tour

Want to know what first impression your community makes to an outsider? The Center will provide an objective “Outsider’s” perspective on community first impressions. If desired, a presentation of the findings can be delivered to community leaders.  For more information, click here.


Community Convening

Need a neutral facilitator to bring together community leaders for an in-depth discussion of community issues? Interested in holding a public meeting to develop buy-in for community development efforts? The Center will facilitate town hall meetings or small group meetings related to selected community development issues. To learn more about a Community Convening, click here.


Scenario Planning Simulation

Our scenario planning simulation guides participants through the following learning objectives: ability to examine group decision making processes as it relates to economic, environmental, and societal concerns, recognize key elements and drivers of regional planning for community and economic development, analyze how short term decisions impact long term outcomes, and how this could impact a scenario-based implementation plan. A Scenario Planning Simulation is not only an educational opportunity for your organization, but is a great team building program. If this sounds like a program you would be interested in scheduling contact us to talk about it.


Student Service Projects

Looking for a group of volunteers to energize your efforts and provide fresh ideas? Center staff can work with UCA to conduct a service or project for the betterment of your community.