Graduate Programs

Graduate Assistantship

Are you interested in learning more about a Graduate Assistantship with the Center for Community and Economic Development? Contact the CCED staff to learn more!

“The CCED graduate assistantship is a unique program that allowed me the opportunity to pursue my MBA, impact communities across the state of Arkansas and network with regional leaders in community and economic development. I gained knowledge that significantly altered my perception of the challenges that communities face, and I developed professional skills that have prepared me to enter a career in business.”

Will Gloster, 2019-2020



Victoria Mays, GA

“Being a part of the CCED team was a pivotal moment in my life. I knew I wanted to impact my own and other communities across the state, but I didn’t know how or where to get started. As a graduate assistant, I was able to travel to different communities around Arkansas and witness the impact that members of a local community can have in their cities and neighborhoods. I began to understand that it takes not one person, but everyone with various skills, backgrounds and passions to instill lasting change.”

Victoria Mays, 2018-2019