Graduate Programs

Graduate Assistantship

Are you interested in learning more about a Graduate Assistantship with the Center for Community and Economic Development? Contact the CCED staff to learn more!

“The CCED graduate assistantship is a unique program that allowed me the opportunity to pursue my MBA, impact communities across the state of Arkansas and network with regional leaders in community and economic development. I gained knowledge that significantly altered my perception of the challenges that communities face, and I developed professional skills that have prepared me to enter a career in business.”

Will Gloster, 2019-2020



Victoria Mays, GA

“Being a part of the CCED team was a pivotal moment in my life. I knew I wanted to impact my own and other communities across the state, but I didn’t know how or where to get started. As a graduate assistant, I was able to travel to different communities around Arkansas and witness the impact that members of a local community can have in their cities and neighborhoods. I began to understand that it takes not one person, but everyone with various skills, backgrounds and passions to instill lasting change.”

Victoria Mays, 2018-2019




Interdisciplinary PhD in Leadership

Program Overview:

The University of Central Arkansas PhD in Leadership (LEAD) prepares scholar leaders to research and act for the common good. Recognizing that complex challenges require an integration of responsible leaders from various community sectors, program graduates will transform education and government/nonprofit organizations to strengthen human and community capabilities. The PhD in Leadership program is the only degree program of its kind in Arkansas and is unique to this region of the United States. To learn more about obtaining a PhD in Leadership click here.



Program Chair Contact:

Dr. Rhonda McClellan