Leigh Ann DenHartog M.Ed.

Director of Academic Advising, Veteran Support, Post-bacc, Concurrent, CNSM Advisor


Bernard Hall 103

(501) 450-5160


Why I Do What I Do

I love to see my students succeed! I get satisfaction in helping others. I love my job and I love UCA and I am here to help students be successful and reach their academic goals.


Advice to Students to Be Successful

College takes hard work, determination, and focus. It’s a process, but every day you will get better if you stay focused and goal-oriented. If at first you don’t succeed… go to plan B or C or D. I can always help students find another plan to help them reach their goals. Never give up!


About Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann absolutely loves sports, especially NCAA football and basketball. When not at work, she enjoys working out and spending time with her family.