BBA-Accounting Coursework

120 Hours of Coursework

Your Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting includes the following 120 hours of coursework.

12 Accounting Courses
(36 hours)
12 Business Courses
(36 hours)
9 UCA Core (GenEd)
(29 hours)
Principles of Accounting 1 & 2
ACCT 2310 & ACCT 2311
Macro & Microeconomics
ECON 2320 & ECON 2321
Writing Foundation
& Writing Research
Intermediate Accounting 1 & 2
ACCT 3311 & ACCT 3312
Business Statistics
QMTH 2330
College Algebra
(or elective if not required)
Advanced Accounting
ACCT 4312
Global & Legal Envt of Business
ECON 2310 & ACCT 2321
Physical Science
& Life Science
Cost & Advanced Cost Accounting
ACCT 3315 & ACCT 4315
Bus. Math, Computing, & Comm
MATH 1395, MIS 1300, MGMT 2301
American History or Govt
Individual & Advanced Taxation
ACCT 3316 & ACCT 4316
Managing Finance & Capital
FINA 3330
Fine Arts or Humanities
Govt & Not-for-profit Accounting
ACCT 4304
 Managing People & Work
MGMT 3340
Diversity in Creative Works
Accounting Information Systems
ACCT 3320
Principles of Marketing
MKTG 3350
Responsible Living
ACCT 4317
Managing Policy & Strategy
MGMT 4347
Electives (19 hours) any courses you choose (maybe add a minor or a double major)

*Note: To earn a 2nd Bachelor’s Degree, the UCA Core and Electives are not required. If the 1st Bachelor’s Degree is in business, some or all of the business courses may also not be required.

Course Delivery (Can I get a BBA-Accounting fully online?)

All required accounting courses for a BBA in Accounting are offered face-to-face and online, at least one of each every year. For more information on course delivery and timing, visit our Accounting Course Delivery page. Most (but not all) of the business courses and UCA Core courses are also available online.

Post-baccalaureates (I already have an undergraduate degree.)

If you have already completed a degree a Bachelor’s degree in something other than accounting, you are only required to complete the accounting and business courses that you have not already completed (minimum of 30 hours, maximum of 72 hours) to complete a BBA in Accounting at UCA. Contact us at the UCA Accounting Department (501.450.3108 or to discuss your options including a BBA-Accounting, a Technical Certificate in Accounting, a Master of Accountancy, and CPA eligibility.