Placement Examinations

The Department of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures offers placement tests in Spanish, French, and German to assure that the proper college course is selected for that language. Students may be able to receive credit by examination. Such credit is limited to SIX hours in one language or TWELVE hours within the department and is granted by fulfilling the following criteria:

Achievement of a satisfactory score on the Proficiency Exam

Satisfactory completion with a minimum grade of “B” of the next sequential world language course above the level for which credit is to be awarded. Note: The student must inform the department upon completion of the course with the minimum grade of “B” and request credit.

Students should take the placement exam prior to registration. The French, German, and Spanish Exams may be taken on-line at any location by using the information given below. Students with experience in Japanese or Chinese should contact Dr. Lynn Burley, Chair, at or (501) 450-5648. Students should contact the department for assistance with placement and scheduling. For more information, please contact Sharon Wilkes at or (501) 450-3256.

Spanish, French, German Placement Exams


Password provided to students by advisors, language instrutcors or LLLC department.

Students with previous years of study in a foreign language must take a placement test.

Placement of Students in Spanish Language Courses

All heritage learners are required to take the placement exam prior to enrolling in a course.

Number of Years of Study* Course in

0-1 Spanish 1310**

2 Spanish 1310** or 1330 (with placement score)

3 Spanish, 1330 or 2310 (with placement score)

4 or more Spanish 2310, 2320 or 3300 (with permission & placement score)

** Spanish 1310 cannot be taken for letter-grade credit by students with three or more years of high school Spanish. Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin for policies concerning counting credit/no-credit courses towards graduation.

Placement of Students in French and German Language Courses

Number of Years of Study* Course in

0-1 French or German 1310

2 French or German 1310 or 1320 (w/placement score)

3 French or German 1320 or 2310 (w/placement score)

4 or more Fren/Germ 2310, 2320 or 3300 (with permission & placement score)

* It is difficult to correlate high school and college level study in foreign language. Placement must be verified by an examination taken any time before registering for a language course.