Ramón Escamilla

Associate Professor, Linguistics


Irby 302C

(501) 852-0997


Ph.D.      Linguistics, U.C. Berkeley (2012)

M.A.       Linguistics, U.C. Berkeley (2008)

B.A.        Japanese, U.C. Berkeley (2002)



functional syntax and semantics

documentary and descriptive linguistics

cognitive linguistics

Dene (Athabaskan)


Current research interests

Evidentiality and mirativity

Hupa discourse markers

Hupa narrative structure

Causativity and purpose clauses

Privileged speech and discriminatory language


Courses taught at UCA

LING 4370, Field Methods in Linguistics (Kazakh, Rwanda, Lao, Zarma, Hausa)

LING 4360, Historical Linguistics and Language Change

LING 4355, Special Topics: Cognitive Linguistics and TESOL

LING 4345, Analytical Methods of Morphology and Syntax

LING 3325, Sociolinguistics

LING 2350, World Languages

LING 2320, Introduction to Language and Linguistics

LING 1310, Language, Culture, and Society (linguistic anthropology)

IEP 1238, Level 4 Academic Grammar (ESL)

IEP 1229, Level 5 Academic Writing (ESL)


Recent publications (selection)

2015 [in print 2016]. Lexical causativity revisited: material destruction events in Hupa (California Athabaskan). Southern Journal of Linguistics, 39-2: 1-24.

2014b. A preliminary semantics and morphosyntactic typology of Chungli Ao descriptions of cutting and breaking (C&B) events. Indian Linguistics 75 (3-4) 2014: 65-82.

2013. “Discriminatory discursive strategies used by the Japanese mainstream news media in the representation of resident foreign nationals: a Critical Discourse Analysis-based examination.” In Critical and Corpus-Based Approaches to Intercultural Rhetoric, Gayle Nelson and Diane Belcher, eds. University of Michigan Press.

2012c. “The syntactic causative construction in Hupa (California Athabaskan).” Rice Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 3.

2012b. With Lindsey Newbold. “Notes on the structure of the Hupa personal narrative.” Working Papers in Athabaskan Languages 2011.

2012a. With Sarah Berson, Alex Bratkievich, Daniel Bruhn, Amy Campbell, Allegra Giovine, Lindsey Newbold, Marta Piqueras-Brunet, & Russell Rhomieux (eds.)  Proceedings of the Thirty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society. Berkeley, CA: Berkeley Linguistics Society.

2011. With Amy Campbell, Kayla Carpenter, Andrew Garrett, Lindsey Newbold, Anne Pycha, and Justin Spence, eds., and content by Verdena Parker and other speakers. “Hupa Online Dictionary and Texts.” (Formerly hosted at: http://linguistics.berkeley.edu/~hupa/hupa-lexicon.html; currently hosted by the U.C. Davis Department of Native American Studies: http://nalc.ucdavis.edu/hupa/hupa-lexicon.html)

2009. With Lev Michael, Christine Beier, and Marta Piqueras-Brunet. Katsakáti. El idioma antiguo del pueblo de Andoas. Iquitos, Peru.