Financial Aid and Scholarships

Scholarship funds

The State of Arkansas has scholarship funds for Arkansas resident students attending The Washington Center.

For fall, spring and summer semesters $6000 scholarships are available for Washington Center students.  Scholarships are limited.  Scholarship funds are distributed on a first come, first served basis; that is, when you are accepted by The Washington Center, you are given a scholarship, until all scholarships are gone. The Washington center is also offering an additional $1000 scholarship for summer and fall 2017.  See Dr. Mehl for more information.

Billing process

Depending on the amount of the scholarship support given the student, the remainder of the Washington Center fees must be paid by the student. The student will receive an invoice from the Washington center, less the scholarship award.  The student does not pay UCA tuition during the semester or summer term attending the Washington Center.  UCA’s Financial Aid office can also help students who are eligible with the costs of attending the Washington Center; contact the Financial Aid Office directly.  The Arkansas Challenge Scholarships can be used but students must enroll for 15 hours during a fall or spring semester.  The Washington Center has financial resources available for students who meet their criteria; please contact them directly for further financial assistance.

Hypothetical Estimated Cost Comparison (check The Washington Center website,, to verify costs.)

Semester at UCA, Spring 2017
 Semester at Washington Center, 2017
Tuition and Fees $4112 Program Fee $8,178
Room and Board $3124 Housing Fee $5,820
Total $13,998
State Assistance -$6000
Subtotal $7236 Subtotal $7998
Books and Supplies $1000 Estimated Food, personal, etc. $2500
Personal Expenses $1400 Average Books, Transportation $375
 Washington Center assistance  -$1000
TOTAL $9,636 TOTAL $9,873

(The 10-week summer term at the Washington center in 2017 is $6695 program fee and $4800 housing fee.)