Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year Nomination Process

The Employee of the Year Selection Committee is now accepting nominations for the Employee of the Year Awards. The Selection Committee will name two EOY winners – one classified staff member and one non-classified staff member.

Any current staff, faculty, student, or alumni can nominate someone for Employee of the Year. The nominee must have completed two years of continuous service by January 1, 2015 to be eligible for Employee of the Year.

Awards will be given at the Service Awards Program in April.

Employee of the Year Guidelines

Employee of the Year Nomination Form – Please submit only ONE Nomination form per nominee.  The Nomination Form is due March 6, 2015.

Employee of the Year Reference Form – The original Nominator is responsible for getting THREE references for the nominee.  Reference Forms are due March 13, 2015.

Employee of the Year Nominee Intent Form – The EOY Selection committee will contact the nominee to ask them to submit this form. Intent Form is due March 13, 2015.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Heather Romine at hromine@uca.edu.

Past Employee of the Year Recipients

Classified Winner: Christy Peel
Non-Classified Winner: Mark Heffington
Finalist: Eddie Fugatt (Classified), Cheryl Theall (Non-Classified)

Classified Winner: Craig Seager
Non-Classified Winner: Lindsey Osborne
Finalist: Pat Wilson (Classified), Lori Hudspeth (Non-Classified), Larry Lawrence (Non-Classified), Ashley Love (Non-Classified)

Jane Andis (left) and Donna Johnson (right)

Jane Andis (left) and Donna Johnson (right)

Classified Winner: Donna Johnson
Non-Classified Winner: Jane Andis
Finalist: Elizabeth Skinner (Classified), John Fincher (Non-Classified)

Classified Winner: Charlotte Fant
Non-Classified Winner: Larry Burns
Finalist: Robby Burton (Classified), Stephanie Pickens (Classified), Lula Tyus (Classified), Amy Whitehead (Non-Classified), Marvin Williams (Non-Classified)

Winner: Monty Rowell
Finalists: Judy Corcoran, Gale Garrison, Jesse Gray, Gay Bowling

Winner: Penny Hatfield, Admissions
Finalists: Stephanie Pickens, Kendra Regehr, Charlotte Fant, Leslie George

Winner: Glenda Middleton, Honors College
Finalists: Leslie Knox and Candace Welcher
Semi-Finalists: Michelle Reinold and Johnny Wages

Winner: Lee Schwager, Student Services
Finalists: Liz Parker and Beryline Temples

Jan Bartley, Administrative Support
Allen Roisen, Service Staff
Charlotte Strickland, Administrative Staff

Kim, Bradford, Administrative Staff Award
John Merguie, Skilled Professional Staff Award
Jan Strange, Administrative Support Staff Award

Lannie Noggle

Terry Brewer

Hank Phelps

Joyce Reid

Art Lichtenstein

Hilda Malpica

Donna Washko

Jim Schneider