Private Scholarship Resources

Fastweb has been matching members to relevant scholarship opportunities for over fifteen years completely free of charge.  With roughly 1.5 million scholarships worth over $3.4 billion, there are scholarships for every student’s educational goals, activities and interests.  Additionally, Fastweb members can receive insider financial aid tips, job and internship matches in their area.

Fund my Future

Fund My Future is a state-wide outreach program created to assist Arkansas students in achieving their higher education goals.  The program, sponsored by the Arkansas Student Loan Authority, serves as a resource of information about college access and financial aid programs.  Fund My Future is designed to serve the needs of students, parents and counselors.

Good Call

Too many students find themselves leaving college with only a mountain of debt to show for it. College costs are up a staggering 1,120% since 1978. We’ll help students offset that cost by finding private scholarships they’re likely to win. has been helping parents and students find scholarships and free college money since 2001.  Get free unlimited access to our database of over 2.4 million scholarships worth over $14 billion dollars!

Other Scholarship Resources (PDF)
This document includes a short list of corporate scholarship programs available to students as well as helpful advice about finding other scholarships.  This is by no means a complete list of scholarships and is only provided as a resource to students.