The STARS Residential College

The STARS Residential College in Short/Denney Hall was established in 2006 for freshman students who are interested in "Living the Arts."  Courses and academic programs in The STARS are designed to help students express themselves through different forms of art.  Some student have called The STARS the "heartbeat" of UCA arts.  Highlights of curricular and co-curricular programs in The STARS include the UCA Public Appearances, cultural and educational trips to Memphis and Dallas, live music performances, poetry and theatre performances, art exhibitions in the classroom and lobby, camping and canoeing trips to the Buffalo River, and more.

You deserve to be part of a diverse, challenging, and supporting learning community with diverse interests in the arts.  The STARS welcomes students majoring in the arts and those who are not.  Join us and bring your artistic talent to The STARS.  Make a mark on a growing, vibrant, and engaging community of learners.

UCA The STARS Residential College