STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall (STEM@Arkansas)

Dr. Faith Yarberry and the STEM@Arkansas Student Staff welcome you!

Dr. Faith Yarberry and the STEM@Arkansas Student Staff welcome you!

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

STEMStatistics show that Residential College Program students have a 12% higher retention rate and 10% greater graduation rate than students who do not join in a Residential College. The STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall provides a living/learning environment that fosters the academic success of students pursuing studies in science, technology, computer science, pre-engineering, and mathematics. Participants live together and learn together with other students who have similar interests. See Emily's story at and Gerard's at


Students who live in STEM@Arkansas can:

• Take advantage of early opportunities for starting undergraduate research in Cellular or Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Robotics, Differential Equations, Acoustics, Bio-Physics, Aquatic Ecology, Bioinformatics, to name just a few of our active research programs.

Battle of the Halls 2• Learn about classes, programs of study, internships, research and career opportunities.

• Enroll in the same sections of classes as other STEM@Arkansas students.

• Form study groups with other students in the residential college.

• Participate in special-topics courses focused on current scientific and technical issues.

• Attend informal seminars and workshops on many topics held in the residential college.

• Participate in academic activities on campus and at other scientific facilities in the region.

• Benefit from mandatory common quiet hours.

STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall

STEM students live in Arkansas Hall. The hall has the capacity to house 114 males and 96 females. Features of Arkansas Hall include a large atrium with multiple study zones, an integrated classroom and study rooms (Nerd Nodes) on each floor. Any student who has an interest in the sciences, technology, pre-engineering, or mathematics is encouraged to apply to live in Arkansas Hall as a STEM Resident. Applications should be submitted early because space is limited. There are no additional fees for living in the STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall! Take a virtual tour at

Science NightWe have10646640_721211534618490_2219857112164862250_n

  • Classrooms with Wireless Internet Access and Smart Boards
  • Five Nerd Nodes (Study Rooms)
  • Security Access
  • Resident Coordinator
  • Peer Mentors
  • Resident Master (Live-in Faculty Member)

  Bachelor of Science Degrees

  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education (STEMTeach minor)
  • Physics
  • Science Education (Life/Physical/Earth & STEMTeach minor)
  • Environmental Science
  • Engineering (3+2 program with U of A Fayetteville)

 IMG_5372Pre-Professional Programs

  • Pre-Medical
  • Pre-Veterinarian
  • Pre-Dental
  • Pre-Pharmacy

Right: Dr. Donna Nelson, President of the American Chemical Society and Science Advisor for the hit series Breaking Bad (2014).