Learning Communities Mission and Values

We are a community of scholars who work together to educate ourselves and others by engaging in academic, civic, and social endeavors.  Through our participation in learning communities, we affirm our commitment to a campus culture of inquiry, inclusiveness, and respect.

Our Values

Academically, we expect our faculty, students, and staff to:

• know ourselves as discerning thinkers  who are able to evaluate and interpret complex information from a variety of sources

• have a strong commitment to making learning a life-long process

• express ourselves thoughtfully and with meaning in a variety of contexts

Professionally, we expect our faculty, students and staff to:

• work well in teams, including those of varied composition, building consensus and working with dissension

• utilize learned technological skills in ways which further and enhance our careers

• act creatively, ethically, and with initiative

Socially, we expect our faculty, students, and staff to:

•  demonstrate a sense of commitment to local and global concerns

• contribute our time, talents, and efforts in service to the community

• recognize ourselves as part of a diverse and ever-changing world