EPIC Residential College in Bear Hall (EPIC@Bear)


Dr. Tom Snyder and his EPIC@Bear mentors Autume & Tyler welcome you to the 2015-16 academic year!


What is EPIC Residential College in Bear Hall?

EPIC@Bear brings together students from the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics with students from the College of Fine Arts & Communication and the College of Business. Together, these academic colleges have built an innovative living & learning community that generates an entrepreneurial climate that promotes connections and communication with the community-at-large.

The program fosters a culture of intellectual curiosity and community engagement. It also teaches students how to work in the real world!

EPIC@Bear is for students entering their sophomore through senior year. The program includes a Resident Master, a dedicated classroom, and programming developed by the academic colleges to build the culture of  innovation, communication, entrepreneurship, and leadership that will grow well beyond anything that can be accomplished just by taking classes!  Take a virtual tour at http://uca.edu/tour/locations/bear-hall/

Click to See Keenan's Story

Click to See Keenan’s Story


Students to work together in teams to develop business ideas and discuss their ideas with local business leaders. Student teams engage in business and innovation competitions before their senior year.

Public Scholarship

Students write and present visionary ideas for the university, business, and the community. Programming and targeted mentoring foster exceptional leadership skills and enhanced confidence to try new, innovative ideas.


EPIC@Bear students meet local entrepreneurs and learn about pursuing innovative business ideas. EPIC@Bear students are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas to improve UCA and the community.

Our EPIC@Bear program also promotes greater science literacy in business and government. According to the 2009 Employment Survey report conducted by the National Professional Science Master’s Association, 43 percent of alumni who participated in this type of program earned an early promotion. Of those, 44 percent indicated their eligibility for the promotion was a result of having received collaborative business and science training. Participation in this program, unique at the undergraduate level,will increase your chances of success in the real world.

Community Engagement

EPIC@Bear programs encourage students to engage and partner with K-12 Schools, local companies, non-profit organizations, and professional businesses in the community; These partnerships will generate internship opportunities for our students and “on the ground” experience that will help them increase the impact of their own community engagement initiatives and increase the likelihood of success for your own start-up ventures. Students will get a chance to present their projects in regional competitions.

EPIC@Bear students should consider a minor in Public Scholarship & Community Engagement or Innovation and Entrepreneurship!  More details are available by following the links below:

More details for the Public Scholarship & Community Engagement Minor: http://uca.edu/ubulletin2014/colleges-departments-programs/interdisciplinary-programs/public-scholarship-and-community-engagement-minor

More details for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor: http://uca.edu/ubulletin2014/colleges-departments-programs/college-of-business/marketing-and-management/

Click here to apply for EPIC for the Fall 2016 semester online.

For more information contact: Dr. Thomas Snyder tjsnyder@uca.edu 501-450-5335, Dr. Michael Hargis mhargis@uca.edu 501-450-5343, or Dr. Jayme Millsap Stone, Director of Learning Communities jaymes@uca.edu or 501.450.5148.