Minton Commuter College

Staying connected with campus life as a commuter student is uniquely challenging.  Commuter students needs to know what is happening on campus, they need to connect with other students, and they need a place to call their own between classes.  With this in mind, UCA created Minton Commuter College so that first-year students living off-campus can experience some of the campus life opportunities available to other freshmen.

As a Minton Commuter student, you have a comfortable lounge area (with a refrigerator and a microwave) for hanging out between classes and free use of secure lockers to store books and class materials.  You have a designated computer for your use.  You will be enrolled in small sized general education classes that are open only to Commuter College students.  Individual tutoring and study-groups are available.  Minton Computer College also offers you the opportunity to participate in organized Intramural sports.

Minton Commuter College is for all those who want more than just going to class and the going home.  If you want to get connected to UCA on-campus life, if you want to get involved, meet new people and make college more rewarding then Minton Commuter College has what you need to get started.

UCA Minton Commuter College