CAPS (Counseling And Psychology Students)

Counseling And Psychology Students (CAPS) is a local organization for students in the graduate programs within the Department of Psychology & Counseling at UCA. The purpose of the organization is to organize informational and social events to enhance the experience of UCA graduate students in psychology.

CAPS Officers:  2014-15

  • President:  George Hopps
  • Vice President:  Katelyn Bates
  • Secretary:  Megan Effinger
  • Treasurer:  Kate Bodenner
  • School Psychology Program Representative (Master's):  Brianna Boyce
  • School Psychology Program Representative (PhD):  Shelby Dunlap
  • Mental Health Counseling Program Representative (Master's): Ian Evans
  • Counseling Psychology Program Representative (PhD):  Tiffany Wiezerbicki


CAPS Travel Forms


CAPS now has a Facebook Group. Search and join! We also encourage all graduate students to join the "UCA Department of Psychology & Counseling" Facebook group.

CAPS Pictures

  • Fall Picnic 2012