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Simone Collins defends dissertation!

Congratulations to Simone Collins for successfully defending her dissertation, Intentions to Seek Help as a Function of Time Perspective and Perceptions of Stigma!!" Congrats Simone!

Kellie Wierzbicki Receives Conference Grant

Kellie Wierzbicki was awarded a Psi Chi Undergraduate Conference Grant - $1,000 (Advisor: Shawn Charlton).  Funds will assist with the 2015 Arkansas Symposium for Psychology Students (ASPS; April 19, 2015). Nice job Kellie!

Zach Stillman Awarded Grant

Zach Stillman (undergraduate major) was awarded a Psi Chi SuperLab Research grant - SuperLab Software & Response Pad (approximately $1,000; Advisor: Shawn Charlton), "Glucose and Inter-temporal Decision-Making: Impact of Ego Depletion on Temporal Discounting". Way to go Zach!

Danielle Archie defends dissertation

Congratulations to Danielle Archie on successfully defending her dissertation, "A Randomized Controlled Trial of Client Feedback as an Alliance Building Technique"!! Way to go, Doc!

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Psi Chi and UCA Psychological Society Campus Speaker

Dr. Travis Langley will speak Thursday, Oct 30 at 6:00 pm in the UCA ampitheater. He will talk about his book: "Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight".

Psychological Society Chili Cook-Off

Thursday, Oct 30, 1:40-2:30 pm in MAS 239.

$10 to enter your own chili.

$5 to simply taste.


Ayisha Miller Defends Dissertation

Congrats to Dr. Ayisha Miller for a successful defense of her dissertation!

Claire Mitchell Defends Dissertation

mitchell picCongrats to Dr. Claire Mitchell for a successful defense of her dissertation.

Katelyn-Bates-Coney Awarded Scholarship

Congrats to Katelyn-Bates-Coney, who is a current graduate student in the Mental Health Counseling program and recipient of the Arkansas Mental Health Counseling Association 2014 Scholarship. (link to announcement)



Cathy Staton defends dissertation

Congrats to Dr. Cathy Staton on her successful defense of her dissertation.

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