Dean Evaluation Process

For the policy governing this process and for its timeline, see Evaluative Review of Academic Administrators by Faculty and Other Personnel. The process is as follows:

  1. The Office of the Provost announces the evaluation and makes available a copy of the generic college dean survey instrument on this web site: see Department Chair: Sample Evaluation Form (announcement date: September 15).
  2. Deans' offices coordinate collection of college-specific items (updated every four years) and ensure that the following is sent to the Office of the Provost (submission due date: September 30):
    • The number of evaluation instruments needed for the college (Personnel invited to participate include department chairs, associate deans, full-time faculty, and non-faculty/non-secretarial personnel [e.g., directors] who report directly to the dean.)
    • College-specific items (These are updated every four years. A college that submitted college-specific items for the survey in 2005, for example, would not revise them until 2009.)
  3. The Office of the Provost customizes evaluation instruments for each college, prints the number of survey instruments requested, and sends evaluation instruments to deans' offices, who distribute the instruments to the departments (forms available date: October 15).
  4. Evaluators return the completed evaluation instruments directly to the Office of the Provost (submission due date: November 15).
  5. The Office of the Provost tabulates responses to the survey and provides a summary of responses to the dean evaluated and to the provost (dissemination deadline: January 15). A copy of the summary of responses is maintained in the Office of the Provost. Submitted survey instruments are retained for one year and then destroyed.