Degree Type: Master of Science in Education (MSE)  | Credit Hours: 30

The Master of Science in Reading is  designed to provide candidates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to become successful reading specialists and literacy coaches (K-8 and 9-12.)

The program offers a broad range of opportunities for candidates to learn about the foundational knowledge of reading/literacy, historical and current seminal reading research, language arts instruction, reading curriculum development, literacy coaching, reading assessment, working with struggling and diverse readers, integrating technology into reading instruction, and other critical issues in reading/literacy education.

Upon successful completion of the Praxis II, candidates will be eligible for an Arkansas Reading Specialist license. With the exception of courses which include practicum hours, all courses are offered online.

This program is NCATE accredited, flexible, online and affordable at $240 tuition per credit hour!  Please fill out the form on the right to request information and start the process today!!

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