Welcome to UCA Online

If you are looking for a flexible, convenient, and affordable way to earn your degree, online learning may be for you!

An online course is indistinguishable from a conventional face-to-face course because the content of the course is the same. The difference is the learning environment. In online courses there are set deadlines for coursework and students must be disciplined enough to submit written assignments, complete readings, and take tests and quizzes as assigned.

UCA Online is committed to meeting your needs as you attain the knowledge and credentials you require to achieve your educational goals.

Flat-rate Tuition

Students admitted into an approved fully online undergraduate degree program and designated as an online student through UCA Online receive a flat-rate tuition of $295.00 per credit hour regardless of residency or location.

Students admitted into an approved online graduate degree or certificate program and designated as an online student receive a flat-rate tuition of $336.00 per credit hour regardless of residency or location.

What is Online Learning?

Many times the term “Online Learning” is used synonymously with distance education, e-learning, distance learning, or applied to a range of other learning activities delivered at a distance through technology.  Online Learning at UCA Online is a formal instructional delivery method utilizing state-of-the-art technologies where the students and faculty are separated by time and/or distance.

Online courses at UCA Online are completely online and require no face-to-face or classroom attendance. Online courses still meet the same learning objectives as their counterpart face-to-face courses and are just as rigorous. Online courses are not easier than face-to-face courses.

Online courses at UCA Online are offered through a Course Management System (Blackboard).  Additionally, UCA Online courses utilize processes that verify the identity of a student enrolled in our online courses. These processes include the use of a secure login and password to access online courses.

Why Online Learning?

Online courses provide you a flexible, convenient way to earn your degree. All online courses still have deadlines but you can complete the work when it is convenient for you. Some of the most common reasons for choosing online learning include:

  • Online courses can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Greater freedom of scheduling your busy life
  • Your course is accessible 24/7
  • Full-time work schedules
  • Lack of transportation
  • Family commitments