School Counseling (MS)

Program Information

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Total Credit Hours: 48

Program Completion Time: 18 months to 3 years

About the Program

Description: The University of Central Arkansas offers a Master’s of Science (MS) in school counseling. The purpose of this program is to prepare school counselors to meet the educational, social, psychological, and career needs of students while working collaboratively with students, teachers, parents, peer professionals, administrators, and the community.

The school counseling program is characterized by a commitment to leadership as both a field of academic study and as a practice that is a unique blend of knowledge, skill, and disposition. Program requirements provide students with challenging experiences that integrate theoretical concepts and ethical principles with practical applications. The underlying educational philosophy of the program is “educating educator efficacy through reflective decision-making.”

Accreditations/Achievements: NCATE Accredited

Coordinators Name: Dr. Karen Haas
Coordinators Email:

Coordinators Name: Terry James
Coordinators Phone Number: 501-450-3282
Coordinators Email:

Program Faculty: Abby Hallford, Ed.D.; Susan Barclay, Ph.D.; Shelly Allbritton, Ph.D.; Angela Webster-Smith, Ph.D.; Jud Copeland, Ph.D.; Patricia Kohler-Smith, Ph.D.

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Distance Education Technology Requirements: Chalk and Wire; Adobe Acrobat; Microsoft Office (or Open Office); Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)

How to Apply

Requirements: Bachelors degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0; current GRE or Praxis scores; 3 letters of recommendation; successful submission of transcripts from previously enrolled institutions.

Deadlines: This program allows for application and enrollment throughout the academic year.

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