Geographic Information Systems (MGIS)

Program Information

Degree Type: ,

Total Credit Hours: 20

About the Program

Description: The Master of Geographic Information Systems (MGIS) degree is modeled after the online Executive MBA programs. Students who enroll in the degree will ideally have had previous GIS coursework (having taken at least one GIS course at the undergraduate or graduate level) or be currently employed in a position which requires the use of GIS or GIS-based information services (i.e., either a GIS professional seeking greater training or someone who must manage GIS workers or who needs information from a GIS to perform his/her job).

Program Tracks: The Master of GIS degree has two options, a thesis option and a non-thesis option.

Plan of Study: Geographic Information Systems (MGIS)

Coordinators Name: Dr. Jeff Allender
Coordinators Phone Number: (501) 450-5636
Coordinators Email:

URL of Program Info on Department Site:

Distance Education Technology Requirements: A computer or access to a computer that will efficiently run ArcGIS and Leica Imagine software is required. See information below.
Web Publishing Software--
GIS Project assignments may include reports published in online student portfolios. We strongly recommend that each student acquire HTML editing software such as Microsoft FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Netscape Composer, or 1stPage2000. Additionally, a file compression utility such as PKZip or WinZip is also recommended.
GIS Software--
All courses require that students obtain the following specialized GIS software: ESRI's ArcView 10.x. Please contact the Department of Geography to obtain the software. As soon as you receive the software, please open it and install it to make sure it is in working order prior to beginning your first course.
For Geography 5345--
Each student must purchase the "Graduate Student License" of Leica Imagine. The cost is $150 per year and includes Imagine Professional, Vector Module, and Imagine VirtualGIS. Orders can be placed by contacting Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging at 225-343-3905. Dr. Pearson must verify enrollment before software can be purchased.

International Students
Students who reside outside of the United States must purchase ArcView 9.x and ArcGIS Spatial Analyst software from their local ESRI International Distributor. A list of distributors is published at

Note that since ESRI does not set pricing outside of the United States, that overseas students may be required to pay more than the equivalent of 100 USD.

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows NT, 2000 , or XP with the latest service packs
500 MHz or higher Processor
500 MB free disk space (500 MB recommended)
Browser Windows: Internet Explorer 5 or higher; Java and Java Script enabled
Plug-ins Adobe Reader and QuickTime Player (both downloadable)
Modem: 56 kbps or higher speed
Graphics-capable (inkjet or laser jet) Printer
CD-ROM Required
Monitor/Video Card 15" - 17; SVGA or better (1024 x 768, 32-bit graphics card)

How to Apply

Requirements: To enroll in the Master of GIS degree program, students must meet the requirements to be admitted into UCA's Graduate School as outlined in the Graduate Bulletin , including: 1) a bachelor's degree, 2) a GPA of 2.80, and 3) each student must have successfully completed at least one college-level GIS course or be currently employed in an agency/business where GIS is frequently used by the student. In consultation with Dr. Jeff Allender, Chair of the Department of Geography, exceptions to #3 will be considered.

Fees (if applicable): $150 software fee for GEOG 5345 Course.

Graduate Bulletin Link: