Educational Leadership (EdS)

Program Information

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Total Credit Hours: 30

About the Program

Description: Degree program that can be customized for individuals who hold an appropriate Master’s Degree and wish to enhance content knowledge and skills, add building-level or district-level administrator licenses, or add other graduate certificate areas (e.g. Instructional Facilitator, Special Education Instructional Specialist 4-12, etc.).

All candidates take three required EDLP courses (nine credit hours) and 21 hours of selectives. Internships (where required) completed in no less than two semesters.

Accreditations/Achievements: Each of the leadership courses is built upon the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards for School Leaders.

If a candidate is adding an administrative license to his/her teaching certificate, please contact the program coordinator for specific test information.

Coordinators Name: Shelly Albritton
Coordinators Phone Number: 501-450-5206
Coordinators Email:

Coordinators Name: Terry James
Coordinators Phone Number: 501-450-3282
Coordinators Email:

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Application: Educational Leadership (EdS)

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