Schedler Honors College

A Message From The Dean

In our 25-year history, the Schedler Honors College has been known for many accomplishments. In Decade One we were known for a unique, challenging curriculum, designed by founding director Norbert Schedler, which inspired numerous start-up honors programs. It is an “education with a future,” learning how to inquire, converse, and collaborate—skills that never go out of date. In Decade Two we were known as a destination for students of extraordinary ability. Drawn by small, discussion-based seminars, close student-faculty relations, funding for travel abroad and internships, and Honors residence halls with private rooms, by 2002 enrollment tripled, and the median ACT rose above 30 (where it remains).

As we move through Decade Three, our theme is “educating leaders of the next generation.” In my 20-plus years with the Schedler Honors College, I have seen leaders grow when an innovative curriculum meets extraordinary students. Leaders not only excel in class—they push beyond their comfort zones (studying overseas or doing research); they complete college (more than 90% of Schedler Honors College students graduate); they seek advanced training (over 80% of our alums continue in graduate schools or in medicine and law); and they receive national recognition (our alums include Truman, Rhodes, Goldwater, Fulbright, Rotary Ambassador Scholars, and a Cooke Fellow).

Like you, these student leaders come with raw talent, unsure if they have what it takes to lead. They shared their gifts, like you can, making a difference in the community. And they graduated from the Schedler Honors College, like you can in a few years, having practiced the collaborative arts of human flourishing. We want people like you—of good intellect, good will, good judgment, who are generous and kind. Check out our website, and you will find a lot of information about who we are and what we do. Better yet, come visit us in person, and let’s begin the conversation.

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