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jeffaThere may have never been a time when an understanding of the world was more important than it is now! Complex global issues such as terrorism, climate change, migration, population growth, food production, energy consumption, deforestation, and desertification, to note just a few, must be carefully examined by scientists, including geographers. A geographic understanding of these, and other issues, is vital to Earth's future.
The Department of Geography is staffed with experienced professionals who are capable of providing a clear understanding of these important global issues. Additionally, all the geospatial tools needed to analyze these issues are available in the department. Our undergraduate and graduate degrees enable an exceptional education. Become a geographer, study Earth's environmental and cultural features, and help the global community survive into the future.

Department Mission Statement

The Department of Geography is committed to excellence through the delivery of outstanding undergraduate and graduate education that remains current and responsive to the diverse needs of those it serves.


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