Upon Admission/During First Semester

  • Contact and Communicate with your assigned Academic Advisor
  • Construct a Degree Plan based on future course rotation schedule
    Note: Full time in Fall and Spring semesters is 9 hours. Full time in Summer is 6 hours.
  • Complete GRE (if not done already) by the end of the First Semester (NOTE: If GRE is not taken prior to admission, students are not eligible for full qualification admission and not eligible for financial aid or scholarships.)

After 9 hours completed and before 15 hours completed / PRIOR to enrolling in Project Hours:

  • Select a Project Advisor and Project Committee

Upon enrollment in Project Hours:

  • By end of 1st semester in which student registers for Project credit, Complete and Present/Defend Project Proposal to Committee

During Final Semester:

  • Apply to Graduate (see UCA Academic Calendar for deadlines)
  • Submit Project to committee for approval, then Defend Project publicly. Obtain approval of written project from Committee.

Non-thesis guidelines under construction; please send questions to: