Clubs and Honor Societies

GAMMA THETA UPSILON is an international honor society in geography. Members of GTU have met academic requirements and share a background and interest in geography. The GTU chapter at University of Central Arkansas supports geography knowledge and awareness. Initiates to GTU must complete a minimum of three geographic courses, have a B average in geography, must rank in the upper 35% of their class and must have completed at least three semesters of college course work. Interested students can contact Dr. Allender at (501) 450-5641 or

The GEOGRAPHY CLUB is open to any interested UCA student. This club is active in outside activities including: caving, canoeing, camping, and backpacking. As a service to the community, the Geography Club has been involved in painting large maps of the United States in elementary schoolyards in Conway. Interested students can contact Dr. Allender at (501) 450-5641 or

The ENVIRONMENTAL ALLIANCE is a student activity/service organization with the purpose of promoting interest in environmental ethics and offering opportunities for all students to further their knowledge and understanding of environmental issues, resulting in an increased level of environmental awareness.  The Environmental Alliance was formed in 1990, with forty-four people (students and faculty) attending the organization’s initial meeting on January 23, 1990.  Since the initial meeting, the Environmental Alliance has been active in addressing such environmental issues as:

*  clearcutting in the Ouachita National Forest

*  introduction of bi-metal containers to Central Arkansas

*  endangered species in Arkansas and the United States

*  transportation alternatives for Conway and UCA

*  general cleanup of the UCA campus

*  overuse of herbicides on the UCA campus

*  reduction in solid waste production at UCA, especially in food services

*  elimination of an illegal trash dump on the UCA campus

*  stream cleanup of Stone Dam Creek and Tucker Creek

*  environmental inventory of the UCA campus

*  develop a recycling program for the UCA campus

Students with an interest in environmental issues and improving environmental quality, or those who want to learn more about global, national, state, and local environmental concerns, are encouraged to become active in the organization.

For additional information about the Environmental Alliance, contact

Jerry Reynolds, Faculty Advisor, Environmental Alliance Department of Geography, University of Central Arkansas 501/450-5639,