December 2010 Graduates

The following students graduated with degrees in Community and Economic Development, Geography, and Environmental Science: Planning and Administration:

Wesley Townsend Craiglow - CED
Lindsey Jordan Gooch - CED
John Daniel Higgins - CED
Yifang Hong - CED
Lindsay Martindae - Undergraduate Scholar, Environmental Science: Planning and Administration
Will Hayes Merritt - BA, Geography
Brandi Sliger, BA, Geography
Jeremy Wilson - BA, Geography
Jason Zachary Groves - BS, Geography
Aaron Killingsworth - BS, Geography
Brandon Klar - BS, Geography
Madeleine S. Richert - BS, Geography
Jerry G. Shannon - BS, Geography
Ramsey M. Shuffield - BS, Envronmental Science: Planning and Administration
Ni Weijun - BS, Geography