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BSE Education Checksheet

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Family & Consumer Sciences!

The Department of Family & Consumer Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) degree in Family & Consumer Sciences.  BSE graduates are prepared for licensure in secondary (7 – 12) family consumer sciences.

In addition to FACS secondary teaching positions, career opportunities in business, industry and the public sector are available to the graduate with an education degree in family and consumer sciences.

Positions in the following career areas are available to the FACS education major:

  • Educator in business, industry, public affairs, and governmental agencies
  • Specialist/director, consumer affairs
  • Cooperative Extension Service, FACS Agent and 4-H Agent
  • Head Start Director
  • Test Kitchen Director
  • Department of Health educator
  • Community and technical college teacher

Recent (2008 – 2009) Education Placements of UCA BSE graduates:

•        Alpena High School

•        Alma High School

•        Cabot High School

•        Carl Stuart Middle School, Conway

•        Conway High School, East

•        Jacksonville High School

•        Jonesboro High School

•        Maumelle Middle School

•        Van Buren High School

•        Wonderview High School

Teacher Education Pre-admission Checklist

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