Fundraiser for Levon Helm Memorial Project

The Levon Helm Memorial Project was set up with the goal of saving the boyhood home of Levon Helm in Marvell, Arkansas. He was born in Turkey Scratch, Arkansas, attended high school in Marvell and became a multiple Grammy award winner, acted in The Right Stuff, Coal Minors Daughter (among others) and an inductee to The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame as a member of The Band.

The students raised $1808.00 for the project with a house party featuring The Wildflower Review (one of which opened for some of Levon’s concerts.) Levon’s daughter, Amy Helm, reached out to us and helped get us in contact with several key people that knew her dad. My Historic Preservation class and Advanced class all had parts in the project. Historic Preservation did all of the research for the Determination of Eligibility for the Department of Arkansas Heritage and The National Trust for Hustoric Preservation. After going down to Marvell to see the site, the house and an additional property, Advanced class designed a Visitors Center/Museum, Restaurant and concert stage for the property.

Anna Lee Amsten, made famous by Levon writing about her in 2 songs, The Weight and Anna Lee, attended the fundraiser and was so moved by the students efforts. (She cried twice at the fundraiser.) Artist Kevin Kresse (who sculpted the bronze bust of Levon for the project) also came and donated his study sketches for the students to auction. On December 2nd, students and Dr. Bryan drove down to Marvell to present the project to Barbie Washburn who heads up the Levon Helm Memorial Project.