AAFCS Student Leadership Conference at UCA

On Friday, October 6, 2017 the Arkansas Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (ArFCS) held its 2017 Fall Leadership Conference at the University of Central Arkansas. Arkansas Education Television Network (AETN) was generous to allow ArAFCS to use their facilities for the conference. The meeting focused on one of AAFCS’ signature initiatives, FCSfit, by relating financial fitness concepts to the field of Family and Consumer Sciences. 
Over 40 Family and Consumer Sciences professional and student members from four universities  attended the conference. They gained insightful financial literacy information from four dynamic speakers that related their presentations to a Family and Consumer Sciences related field/occupation.Additionally, members were able to network with fellow students and professionals, build on existing knowledge that relates financial literacy components to the discipline, and acquire skills to apply to their personal and professional lives.
ArAFCS was #FCSfit on October 6th because we believe that #FCSisTHEanswer and equips students and adults with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve an optimal quality of life!
It was an exciting day for professional and students! One student reflected about the day.  What I took away from the conference is that the choices we make now are very important. I know this is a saying that gets tossed around a lot, but I also don’t think it’s something taken too seriously. The speakers at the conference primarily focused on financial fitness, and that’s important because finances are one of the most sensitive subject areas, but also one of the most important to have knowledge about. Each speaker gave their own presentation, but all of them flowed together well. So, if I had to put what I got out of the conference in one sentence, it would be to make smart decisions now to ensure a bright future for yourself and others around you!