Shark Chef

Shark Chef was part of our Experimental Foods (NUTR 4351) class this semester. It is a little bit different than it has been in the past – the presentation was a blend of the TV shows, Iron Chef and Shark Tank. Students were given a real life problem to solve….with the new food regulations brought forth by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, some school lunch programs are struggling to find products to meet their needs.

Our students were given 1 of 8 problems to solve and they created a food product based on National School Lunch Program requirements. All foods have no added salt or sugar, use whole grains, have no trans-fat and limited saturated fat. Students were also required to integrate commodity food products, reduce allergens, and utilize red, orange, and dark green vegetables as well as a few other restrictions.

THANK YOU JUDGES:  Dr. Kurt Boniecki, Dr. Jimmy Ishee, Dr. Jacquie Rainey, Dr. Nina Roofe, Sharon Burgess, Stephanie Alsbrook, Erica Ruble