Dr. Paige Reynolds

Internship Coordinator and Associate Professor of English

Irby 424

(501) 450-3662

Internship Opportunities

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Ph.D., University of North Texas
M.A., University of North Texas


Area of Specialization

British Renaissance Drama


Spring 2016 Office Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Also available by appointment.


Spring 2016 Class Schedule

Introduction to Drama (FYS)

ENGL 2390

 TR 9:25-10:40 Irby 310

Tudor-Stuart Drama

ENGL 4343/5343

TR 12:15-1:30

Irby 310

Internship in English

ENGL 3375

TR 2:40-3:55

Irby 201

Shakespeare II

ENGL 4331/5331

 M 6:00-9:00  Irby 312

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