Leigh Ann DenHartog

Director Academic Advising Center, Post-bacc, Concurrent, CNSM Advisor


Harrin 106

(501) 450-5160

Why I do what I do:
I love to see my students succeed! I get satisfaction in helping others. I love my job and I love UCA and I am here to help students be successful and reach their academic goals.
Advise to students to be successful:
If at first you don’t succeed… go to plan B or C or D. I can always help students find another plan to help them reach their goals. Never give up!
What I like to do:
I LOVE sports! I enjoy watching all kinds of sports, but NCAA football and basketball are my favorite. I know how difficult it is to be an athlete. You just don’t wake up and magically become a talented basketball player. It takes hard work, determination and focus. Just like college. It is a process, but everyday you will get better if you stay focused and goal oriented.