UCA’s event calendar showcases important news and events designed to promote major campus happenings to the University and Conway community. Special events are selected from the calendar and featured on the marquee.

For your event to be considered for the marquee, you must first submit your event to the event calendar.  Those submitting events are strongly encouraged to use a variety of resources rather than relying on the event calendar and marquee as your sole means of promotion.

How often an event appears on the marquee may be determined by priorities in this order:

  • Emergency announcements.
  • University and community-wide interest announcements.
  • Administration announcements.
  • Announcements from UCA organizations*
  • Other announcements*

* Only if space and time permit.

For your event to be considered for the marquee, you must agree with the following:

  1. Events must be submitted to the University event calendar located at
  2. No submissions will be accepted by phone or email.
  3. Events should be submitted at least three weeks in advance of event date.
  4. Events will appear for no more than seven consecutive days.
  5. Only one message per event will be considered.
  6. Organizations or businesses not affiliated with UCA will not be considered.
  7. Commercial advertisers are prohibited.
  8. Event submissions denied may not be appealed.

In addition:

  • Event messages must not state or imply university endorsement or approval of any goods or services.
  • Promotion of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products is prohibited.
  • Promotion of candidates in any campus election, primary election, or general election is prohibited.
  • Promotion of political, factional, or religious viewpoints is prohibited.
  • False, misleading, or deceptive messages are prohibited.
  • Messages expressing racist, sexist, or bigoted views are prohibited.