Email Request Form

To help ensure your preferred send date can be accommodated, please submit email requests as soon as possible. The recommended time frame is two weeks in advance.

  • This is the short summary text that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox.
  • For quick reference later.
  • Examples: from dean, but replies go to the assistant or college email.
  • You can make this different than the "Reply To Email" below.
  • Indicate the email address you'd like replies to be sent to.
    Recommended for complex layouts with several images. Not recommended if you are wanting the email to look personal.
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  • Please upload a MS Word document including all paragraph breaks, hyperlinks and text decoration (bold, underline, italic, color) in the document. You can be descriptive when referencing image placement or format if you aren’t sure how to format it in Word.
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    Please upload the images, if any, you’d like included in the email besides the header.
  • Your preferred date is not guaranteed. Email releases are scheduled based on a variety of factors.
  • Ex: all alumni and friends of certain college, alumni residing in central Arkansas, all alumni from a certain time period