$1.6 million grant awarded to help UCA students succeed

Students face unique challenges when they attend college, and BEAR Life is dedicated to connecting them with the resources and knowledge to empower them to succeed.

The BEAR Life program is funded by a US Department of Education Title III Strengthening Institutions Program grant, which provides grants to eligible institutions of higher education to expand capacity to serve at-risk students by improving academic programs, institutional management, and fiscal stability to increase self-sufficiency and strengthen capacity to make a substantial contribution to the higher education resources of our Nation.

The BEAR Life program offers:

  • Success Coaching from both peer and professional coaches dedicated to guiding first-time entering students during their first year
  • Summer Bridge program to acclimate students to campus and the academic environment
  • Engaging and interactive career exploration and financial wellness programs
  • Annual celebration of academic achievement
  • Ongoing professional development for UCA faculty and staff regarding the concerns, needs, and assets of our low-income students
  • Study Space located within our office for students to use
  • Internship Opportunities

Need to get in touch with the BEAR Life office?

Call us at (501) 470-7575, email bearlife@uca.edu, or stop by Old Main 104 and see us in person.


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