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UCA Day of Giving – March 7, 2024

All donations to the UCA Foundation STEM Institute Fund go directly to supporting STEM enrichment in area schools. This year, we would like to use funds to enhance our materials library. These are freely available to any K-12 teacher, UCA student or faculty, for use with their students. Your gift will therefore impact STEM education in multiple classrooms in multiple schools. Below is a sampling of the items that can be purchased at different levels of giving:

$25: 1 BBC Micro:bit for teaching beginning coding; Quadefy spatial reasoning game; 1Weather Station Kit

$50: 3 sets of Geoshapes Nets; 3 sets of Geometric Volume Relationship Solids; Gallon Fraction Measurement Set; Polymer Worms Kit

$100: Dry-Erase side-loading pocket set (for math nights); Strawbees STEAM starter kit with micro:bit; Creature Seeker Pond Kit

$250: 5 sets of Gallon Fraction MeasurementCubelets Classroom Bundle (various grade levels); Electrophoresis Kit; Analysis of Drugs and Poisons Kit; Kitchen Science Class Kit

$500: Micro:bit club pack (10 micro:bits) + Kits; Cubelets Boundless Builders Class Pack; Cookie Jar Mystery – Forensic Science Kit


Visit the UCA Day of Giving portal. You’ll be asked to choose your donation amount, frequency, and the fund to which you wish to donate. Input your total gift amount (you can split this among multiple funds if you’d like). Click on “Other” and search for STEM Institute.

Choose the STEM Institute fund and input your information.

Thank you for your support of STEM Education in Central Arkansas!

When you give to the UCA STEM Institute Fund, we’re able to continue to grow our outreach and support for students and teachers. We’d love for you to join us in growing the STEM Institute’s mission of STEM enrichment in Central Arkansas!